Welcome to Jomatoil - Comérico & Indústria Lda.

JOMATOIL Has the vision for the future of a free mineral oil market in Angola and in the whole world, by completely supply our customers with all available Products on the market. We try to bring the balance back to the Angolan mineral oil market and to guarantee our customers and a constant supply of mineral oil products in Angola so we in whole Africa and in the rest of the world.

JOMATOIL Group is willing to go the Extra Mile where nobody else can, just to exceed the Service Excellency where JOMATOIL Group has for the World.

For the smooth process of the orders our Customers, we expand our company always to be directly on the spot, therefore we are looking forward to find worldwide Partner who are able to fulfill the right job in the right moment. We do not just want to increase our profit we also want to bring the economy in Angola forward and establish more jobs.

JOMATOIL is represented in germany, south africa, and angola.